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Humana member, Sheereen, began to feel like she was losing control of her health. She’d been in the hospital a few times, and despite trying her best to manage her chronic conditions, she was starting to become depressed. Her congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) and atrial fibrillation (AFib) had taken a toll on Sheereen’s physical and mental well-being. That’s when Rhonda, a Humana at Home care manager and registered nurse, stepped in and brought Sheereen some much-needed help. “When Rhonda started calling, that conversation saved my life,” says Sheereen.

Rhonda began calling to help Sheereen understand her health, answer her questions and help her navigate complex chronic conditions that involve multiple doctors and multiple medications. After a few phone calls, Rhonda was really worried about Sheereen. She suggested they call Humana Pharmacy together for a medication reconciliation to figure out if her health troubles might be due to a medication interaction. This call revealed that Sheereen’s new heart rate medication was not an ideal pairing for the blood thinner she had taken for years.

Rhonda offered to help Sheereen call her doctor and figure out if her medications could be changed. While that may seem like a simple act, it meant the world to Sheereen, who often struggled to breathe and found talking on the phone difficult. “If she [Rhonda] didn’t understand something, she would get the information and bring it to me. That made me feel better, “says Sheereen.

Watch the video here to see Sheereen explain the difference Humana and Rhonda made in her life in her own words.

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Your results may vary. It may not be typical to improve health conditions by taking the actions Sheereen did.

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