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How Humana showed one member he’s not alone

Self-quarantining and social distancing has made it difficult for all of us to stay connected to loved ones – especially for older Americans. Aside from the emotional impact, social isolation can also have a huge impact on health, increasing the risk of premature death and clinical dementia. That’s why keeping our Medicare Advantage members socially connected became even more critical to helping them achieve better health during this pandemic.

Last summer, Humana Medicare Advantage member Bill lost his partner of 29 years, Bobby. After suffering such a huge loss, Bill was feeling lonely and isolated, and he was having difficulty connecting with friends and family in person due to the pandemic. That’s when Bill’s Humana Health Educator Skylar stepped in. She saw Bill struggling with his webcam and helped him make it work with video calling technology, so he could connect with an online health group. Bill also joined a weekly, virtual bereavement group to connect him with others who had also lost loved ones recently -- and more importantly -- to show Bill that he wasn’t alone.

“It was nice to talk to people that are going through the same thing,” Bill says, adding that the bereavement group helped him cope with his grief. “I’m not alone...It's getting a little easier now.”

Bill has even become a resource to other members of the group, taking their phone numbers and checking in on them outside of the group meetings. “I have a lot of support, but some of these people didn't have a lot of support,” Bill explains.

With the help of his Humana Health Educator, Bill found a new community to support him as he continues to mourn the loss of his partner. “It's such a confusing time, but Humana has made it easy for me to get access to the right health care.”

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Your results may vary. It may not be typical to improve health conditions by taking the actions Bill did.

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