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Humana Brings CenterWell Senior Primary Care to its Hometown

With the grand opening of our first hometown CenterWell Senior Primary Care center, Humana is thrilled to offer our personalized, care-team approach to whole-person healthcare to seniors in Louisville, Ky. Located at 3151 South 2nd Street near Churchill Downs and Cardinal Stadium, the first of three new centers in the area opened its doors to patients in October.

CenterWell Senior Primary Care is one of the fastest-growing senior-focused, value-based care providers in the country. Together with its sister brand Conviva Care Center, CenterWell delivers care to seniors in more than 220 centers across 11 states, with plans to open 30-50 new centers per year through 2025.

But it’s more than a primary care center.

“Our goal is to be as much of a one-stop shop for our seniors’ healthcare needs as possible,” said Nick Judd, CenterWell Senior Primary Care market president for Kentucky and Indiana. “Our activity center hosts game and movie nights and educational healthcare classes that aren’t just for our patients; it’s available to the community. CenterWell’s on-site lab at this location makes it easier for patients and doctors to have procedures done during their primary care visits.”

The integrated care teams are committed to treating the whole person. We care not only for a person’s physical and mental health, but also address social factors that influence health, such as access to healthy food or transportation.

“Our collaborative team environment allows our doctors and specialists to more easily work together for the benefit of the patients,” Judd said. “That team includes doctors, nurse practitioners, care coaches to help patients with chronic illnesses, referral specialists and social workers to really take care of all the factors affecting a patient’s health.”

The range of extended services at CenterWell Senior Primary Care entirely focused on caring for seniors’ particular needs include:

  • Longer appointment times – up to 40 minutes or longer, as needed
  • Special chairs that quickly convert to examination tables
  • Wheelchair-enabled weight scales and other features to aid those with mobility issues
  • In-house laboratories and pharmacies
  • Activity centers offering education and socialization
  • Convenient, one-stop experiences for the senior patient
  • Resources for transportation, financial assistance and housing needs

“What makes CenterWell so successful is the team model,” said Dr. Erica Savage-Jeter, CenterWell Senior Primary Care’s divisional chief medical officer. “I’m not the only differentiator as the doctor; it’s really the team working together to understand what a patient needs to get healthy. All those pieces coming together is how we get the full picture of a patient’s health.” 

Patients can find it hard to navigate the healthcare system, Savage-Jeter said, so the work referral specialists do in creating specialist appointments, getting records, ensuring they understand past care and what is needed now is helpful to patients.

“The longer appointment times, the team coming together means we can be intentional about finding out all the things affecting their health,” Savage-Jeter said. “We have the ability to develop relationships with our patients – the more frequent visits, the time to talk during the appointments – gives us the opportunity to discover issues. We’ve been able to help patients who are still dealing with events from earlier in their lives that are affecting their health today.”

Many CenterWell Senior Primary Care centers are located in underserved areas and work to remove barriers to care by making visits convenient for the community. Understanding the specific needs of the community surrounding the center allows for better patient outcomes, too.

“Maybe our patients are caring for their grandkids,” Savage-Jeter said. “You don’t come to the doctor expecting your doctor’s office to help you get your grandkids essential items, like clothes and food, but that’s what we have been able to do here at CenterWell, because of the care team model.”

CenterWell Senior Primary Care also works with the community to ensure seniors have the resources needed to live more active, healthy lives. The company gave $10,000 each to two local nonprofit organizations, ElderServe and the Lord’s Kitchen. ElderServe focuses on helping older adults live independently and the Lord’s Kitchen provides meals and support to the hungry and those struggling with addiction.

The new CenterWell Outer Loop location began seeing patients in late November and CenterWell West Louisville is expected to open next summer. CenterWell West Louisville is a joint initiative with the Louisville Urban League to build a center on the League’s Sports and Learning Campus.

Humana’s Primary Care Organization, which operates both the CenterWell Senior Primary Care and Conviva Care Center brands, serves more than 240,000 members enrolled in many different Medicare Advantage health plans, as well as some patients who have Original Medicare.

Visit CenterWell Senior Primary Care to learn more about our approach to care and to find a clinic location near you.

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