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Humana Employees Share Their Well-Being Journeys 

Every human life has its own unique set of challenges and setbacks.  Humana knows this is true for both our customers and employees and has put a lot of thought into the resources offered to help our employees cope with and triumph over the difficulties that life presents. The company believes that caring for employees creates an environment where they can bring their whole selves to work and know that they are valued.  Humana is dedicated to caring for its patients and members, and knows that its employees cannot care for others without first caring for themselves. Every employee is on a well-being journey, and below are three stories that highlight how Humana employees have met the challenges in their lives.

Meet Stephanie

 Stephanie Gordon shares how her work with Humana allowed her to create work life balance and be the mother and wife she wanted to be, while still making meaningful contributions to the health of her patients.  

Meet Jeff

Jeff Strommen shares how working from home during the pandemic created feelings of isolation and how he found new ways to stay connected to coworkers and deal with the stress of overseeing remote learning for his kids.  


Jeff also maintains his sense of purpose and connection through his volunteer work. On New Year's Eve, a fire broke out in an apartment building in Jeff’s hometown. When he learned that the residents would have to vacate quickly because the building was uninhabitable, he and a few of his fellow Humana employees loaded up a 53 foot trailer and moved seven families’ belongings to a temporary storage facility while the American Red Cross helped to find new housing.  Jeff said he is, “Proud to work for a company who offers volunteer time off to be able to help people who are in so much need right now. Said a prayer for them tonight.”


Meet Michelle

Michelle Francis-Porter shares how pandemic stress impacted her diet and exercise and how mindfulness and Humana’s yearly step challenge helped her find her way back to her lifelong healthy habits. 


These are just three of Humana's approximately 95,000 employees, each of whom is on their own well-being journey. Be inspired by more of these stories.

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